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Aisles – Live from estudio del sur (full album) 4.67/5 (3)

The Chilean band Aisles has become a name associated with quality: through the last few years, many publications from different places in the world have praised their albums and their live shows. previous LP Hawaii records, was featured in Prog magazine as one of the best albums of the year, as Neoprog (France) called it a masterpiece. Chilean specialized media like rock magazine Rockaxis, the website Chilean Skies and the most prestigious rock radio in the country, Futuro, also chose it as one of the best records of 2016. That media support was essential to tour cities like London, Paris, Mexico City and Chicago, and, in Santiago, Aisles opened for Marillion and Focus.

Musically, we had never taken so many risks, tried so many different approaches and allowed this level of freedom to improvise and experiment. I’m really proud of what we accomplished”, says German Vergara, guitarist and songwriter of Aisles..

This new Live from estudio del sur confirm all intentions and provide the best sensations of this emerging neo-progressive group!


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