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The Winstons – Diprotodon 5/5 (1)


The Winstons’ are a 100% Italian trio despite their name and the kind of music here proposed. Their genre in itself is hard to classify, but that definitely has its reference point the in the Canterbury progressive rock scene and in artists such as Soft Machine, Gong, Caravan, Henry Cow, Kevin Ayers and so on.
The Winstons are characters of the Italian indie-rock panorama; their Lino Gitto, Roberto Dell’Era, (Afterhours), and Enrico Gabrielli (Calibro 35, Mariposa). The surreal album cover is made by Japanese artist Gun Kawamura, who also wrote the lyrics of two songs on the album (“Diprotodon” and “Number Number”), sung in Japanese by Gabrielli and Dell’Era”!

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Album tracklist (CD version):

1.Nicotine freak
2.カンガルー目 (Diprodoton)
3.Play with the rebels
4….On a dark cloud
5.Viaggio nel suono a tre dimensioni
6.She’s my face
7.A reason for goodbye
8.Dancing in the park with a gun
10.番号番号 (Number Number)

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