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Unreal City – La Grande Festa in Maschera (2017) 5/5 (1)

Unreal City was founded in 2008 by pianist/keyboardist Ema Tarasconi and guitarist Francesca Zanetta.
Consequently to the release of the first – self-titled – EP in 2012, the band began an insense live activity in Northern Italy, thus drawing attention from both critics and music industry operators.
In January 2013 the band signed with AMS Records and joined Hilary Studios in Genoa to start the recording sessions for “La Crudeltà Di Aprile”. Unreal City’s debut album was released on 24th April 2013 and immediately followed by the airing of a videoclip for “Dove La Luce E’ Più Intensa”, the first single extracted from the album.
“La Crudeltà Di Aprile” gained unexpected and astonishing attention from both Italian and International critics and Unreal City decided to embark in an international promotion tour. During 2014 the band played on stages like the Terra Incognita Progressif Festival in Québec City (Canada), MetaRock festival (with Banco Del Mutuo Socorso) in Pisa, Cre.Sta Festival, FIM Festival in Genoa, Verona ProgFest and many live music venues in Europe.
On 15th December 2014 the band preaired a videoclip for “Lo Schermo Di Pietra”, first single to be extracted from “Il Paese Del Tramonto”, second album by Unreal City, which has been released on 15th January 2015 for AMS Records.
Unreal City spent most of 2015 and 2016 touring across continental Europe and North America, leading stages in The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Switerland, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Canada.
In the beginning of 2017 the band renewed its contract with AMS Records and joined Studio2 in Padua to record tracks for a new album, titled “Frammenti Notturni”, which has been release on 10th September 2017.
The band presented live the new release with two release parties, one in The Netherlands and the other in Canada. Unreal City will be touring across Europe, North America and Japan during 2017 and 2018.

The current line-up includes Ema Tarasconi (music and lyrics composer) on keyboards and vocals, Francesca Zanetta on guitar, Dario Pessina on bass guitar and the new drummer Marco Garbin. This new album, recorded at the beginning of 2017 at the renowned Studio 2 in Padua, sees the participation of guests Matteo Bertani (violin) and Camilla Pozzi (vocals).

Available on btf.it

Album tracklist:

1. La grande festa in maschera
a. Désir
b. Exitacion
c. Plateau
d. Orgasme
e. Résolution
2. Le luci delle case (spente)
3. Barricate
4. Il nido delle succubi
5. Arrivi all’aurora

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