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Davide Zannoni – Glimmers of acceptance for string trio 5/5 (3)

Davide Zannoni, composer
Claire Chan, violin
Ching Chen Juhl, viola
Marc Tagle, cello
Concert at Zimmerll Art Museum, NJ February 2009
Recorded with a small camcorder in self-video mode without editing

Glimmers of Acceptance for String Trio (2005) is based on an ancient and haunting Chinese folk-song called Little Bok-Choi, from the Northern Hebei province near Mongolia, in which a daughter mourns her mother’s death. The melody can be heard rather clearly at the opening of the piece and it is used as the basis of the whole work through various manipulations; it reappears at the end, in a different key and in a slightly varied form. The work mixes tonal and atonal elements and also includes a section in which the performers are asked to improvise freely using the graphic symbols in the score.

wikipedia | davidezannoni.com

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  1. pochi altri insiemi di strumenti riescono a trasmettere tante di quelle sensazioni (emozioni) come riescono a fare violino, viola e violoncello in questo caso.

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