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born in varese, italy (november 10th 1962). after compulsory school and art school, finally he graduated from the Marangoni Fashion Design Institute in Milan as a stylist. max started her career in clothing design, as a consultant for brands such as: fila sport, zegna, imec, sector. later, put to the test by a sunglass manufacturer, he is passionate about this object which he defines as a concentrate of "functional vanity", so much so that he subsequently collaborated as a designer with over 40 eyewear companies all over the world. from the most knows brands to startups. more information on max's eyewear design background

inspired by raymond loewy (precursor of modern industrial design) max has always tried to engage in various fields: from the creation of logos that could highlight brands and products (as the aquarapid brand logo), TO THE design of COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS, FASHION ACCESSORIES, WATCHES, furniture, coffee machines, PACKAGING. max achieved major recognition with the chicago athenaeum design award with a snakey watch in 2005.

max has designed successful products for vacuum cleaners and accessories, above all the electrolux ventana vacuum cleaner, European best seller, later marketed with kenwood and other brands. with glaspray taiwan a leading company in cosmetic packaging production, max has joined a fruitful collaboration for product design & 3D digital animations.

since 1996 max has been studying the web for how it evolves and creates web sites. with the experience gained in the programming and development of portals during 25 years, he can suggest a creative support to companies that rely on the internet to grow. the visit to apple in 2000 in california, and the following compliments received from steve jobs, remain for max as one of the most precious acknowledgments, more important than any award.

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